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CVCS West End 2017-2018 School Year Enrollment Information - Open After 8/14/17 midnight

Please read the registration information below carefully:

  1. Early Registration deadline: Aug. 28th, 2017; $20 early-bird discount will apply for full-year student.
  2. $20 sibling discount will apply to families with more than one child registered for a Chinese Class (If a child registered a Chinese class and his/her siblings register only activity classes, the family is not eligible for $20 discount) .
  3. Tuition is refundable only if students withdraw within the first two weeks of a semester or students relocate out of the Richmond area. In either case, withdraws and/or request for refund must be made in writing to CVCS. No refund will be issued if students withdraw after the second week of the semester. Refund will be prorated in case of family relocation.
  4. As one of the requirements from the Saint Andrew's United Methodist Church to renew the facility use agreement, CVCS is now required to ensure there are parents on duty on site to help provide appropriate student supervision in hallways and handle emergency situations. As such, parent on duty sign up is now a prerequisite for registering course(s). Every family is required to sign up and serve parent on duty two times every school year (one time if you are just registering for one semester). Please complete your sign-up by following this link .
  5. You can save money if register for full year. Please go to Programs for detailed information and requirement of classes.
    Course Group 1st Semester 2nd Semester Full Year
    CHL Class (CHL - Chinese as Heritage Language) $200 + text book $240 + text book $320 + text book
    CSL Class (CSL - Chinese as Second Language) $160 + text book $200 + text book $300 + text book
    Activity Classes $140 $160 $220
  6. The first day of class for 2017-2018 fall semester starts on 9/10/2017. As much as possible CVCS follows the Henrico County Public Schools calendar. You can go to Calendar for more details.
  7. CVCS reserves the right to cancel a class if class size is less than 5 or if staff not available.

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