CHL classes

Chinese as a Heritage Language

The Chinese as a Heritage Language (CHL) program is designed for students who can speak fluent Chinese (Mandarin).
Activity Classes

Enrichment Activity

Chess, painting, dance, Kung Fu, and etc.
CSL Classes

Chinese as a Second Language

The Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) program is specially designed for non-native Chinese speakers (both children and adults).


这节课提供了柔和形式的瑜伽练习,专门为初学者,以冥想为主或者以放松为目的的人群设 计的课程。欢迎所有水平的练习者。教练持有瑜伽教练证。

Gentle Yoga (Adults only)

This class offers a gentle form of yoga practice designed for beginners, those with more meditative focus or relaxation purpose. All levels are welcome. Certified Yoga instructor.



教学材料:Sketch book (不小于8.5×11),不同型号铅笔一套(HB, 2B, 3B, 4B等)。

授课老师:黄文滔, Virginia Commonwealth University 平面设计艺术专业大三学生。学习艺术超过9年,也有超过2年的艺术教育经验。


Sketching is the foundation of many kinds of art. The sketching skill is one of the most important skills for children and teenagers. The skill of sketching is not only the improvement of drawing techniques, but also is the development of appreciation towards drawing, the development of observation, and the skill of understanding line, light, perspective, and proportion. Furthermore, Sketching and drawing is very helpful for training the stability of children. The sketching class focuses on the techniques of object perspective, object shape building, and the relationship of light and shadow. If you are interested in arts and sketching, please join us.

Instructor: Wentao Huang, a junior student who is studying graphic design at Virginia Commonwealth University with more than 9 years drawing and painting experience, and also has more than 2 years teaching experience in art class.



授课教师:梁巧 Qiao Liang


LITTLE MATHEMATICIANS is an exploitative math course designed to serve first and second grade kids who are interested in surveying various topics in mathematics and to solve interesting math problems. Basic skills in fundamental math operations are needed in order to participate in this course, but this course is not calculation-heavy or procedure-driven. Through problem-based teaching in an encouraging environment, LITTLE MATHEMATICIANS aims to stimulate students’ interest in the learning of mathematics, and to cultivate good habits of children to think actively and critically. Students will explore mathematical facts, problems and activities, and achieve learning through self-discovery instead of memorizing “fixed recipes”.

国际象棋班 Level I & II

The CVCS is offering two chess classes (Level I and Level II) starting in the school year of 2015-2016. Level I requires no previous chess experience and teaches the fundamentals of chess while Level II is recommended for students who have already learned basic principles such as proper piece development, or have gone to one or more tournaments, etc.

Instructor: Both Levels will be taught by qualified and longtime Juniors/Seniors from the Maggie Walker Governor's School (MWGS) Chess Club, all of which have participated in at least one Nation High School Chess Championship, of which MLWGS placed 1st in U1200 in 2014 and 7th in U1600 in 2015.

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